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                                            Northridge Electric has proudly been serving Northern California since 1985. We hope you find our website to be helpful and easy to use. We stand by our quality service- quality that you can trust! 


Northridge Electric is your local solution to all of your electrical troubles!  Has your porch light stopped working?  Do you need to add or relocate an outlet?  Is it time to upgrade some old lighting fixtures or add a few lights to a dark room?  Northridge Electric can handle all of these jobs and many, many more!  Although we specialize in wiring for new construction, we’re here to serve all of your electrical needs, both big and small.
The team at Northridge Electric has extensive experience working with commercial electrical applications.  We have installed commercial walk-in coolers, updated and maintained fire detection and alarm systems for public buildings, updated air-circulation units, and installed assistive listening systems among many other varied projects.  We are well-versed in the specialized needs associated with working in a commercial setting and we understand that you have a business to run while we meet your needs.  We will be as unobtrusive as possible and can work around your schedule to ensure that we don’t impact the services you provide to your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Question 1: What is a GFCI plug and/or breaker?​

Answer 1: GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter.  A GFCI detects when there is a very small variance in the amount of power coming back within 6 milliamps.  Once this difference is detected, it will shut down the circuit to protect you, the person, not the equipment.


Question 2: ​Do I need an electrical permit for the work I am having done by my licensed electrician?

Answer 2: Yes!  When any product (plug, switch, light fixture) is being altered or replaced by a licensed electrician, they must have an electrical permit to do the work.  The cost of the permit varies by jurisdiction and in some instances the electrician can use a minor label permit.


Question 3: ​How many carbon monoxide detectors do I need in my home?

Answer 3:  You only need to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home if you use natural gas.  If you do, you need to have one on every floor and within 15 feet of the bedroom doors.


Question 4: ​What is the most energy-efficient lighting for my home?

Answer 4: By far the most energy efficient lighting available right now is LED.  Unfortunately, the cost of LED lights is still fairly high, although the pricing has been steadily decreasing as the years have gone by since their introduction.  Many people look to fluorescent lighting as the best energy efficient solution

My many thanks to you and your company for your quick response to my emergency Dec. 27.  And special thanks to Joe who worked so hard to fix the problem in such miserable weather.  It’s great to know of a company like yours that is so dependable.

– Sincerely, Sue B.

I would like to take a minute and inform you of the outstanding job Mr. Ortega and Mr. Larson have done every time they have been on site here.  Their professionalism is greatly appreciated and their knowledge of code provides us here at the hospital with a level of confidence that is not easily obtained.

​– Thank you, Jim W.

Hello Matt, Thanks for your input and help with our service entrance upgrade.  Enjoyed working with Joe Larson.  Besides doing a great professional job, he had an excellent service attitude in stopping by after hours to make sure the power company had installed the meter and we had power before the night.  It was a pleasure working you all on this and we had the feeling that you had our best interest at heart.

-Thanks, L.T.

Northridge Electric!  Thanks once again for your prompt service.  You are truly the best business I’ve dealt with in Crescent City.  Well, OK, in Del Norte County!

– With much appreciation, Susan O.

*FREE estimates are only available for residential and large commercial projects. 

Thank you for your quick response.  You had an electrician there in record breaking time.  My mother-in-law resides at this address and you kept me “out of trouble.”

– Thanks again, Shawn